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Announcing Holler Box: A Better Way to Communicate With Your Audience - Scott Bolinger

scottbolinger.com | Jun. 7, 2017 | 4 min read

It's rare to see a new free plugin on the Plugin Directory that is truly unique and custom. Scott Bolinger just released "Holler Box" and it's exactly that, very unique and potentially useful.

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JazzFan Junkie

Congrats! Rolling out something you've built is always a good day. Cheers

Rod Austin

Looks awesome - well done.

Slightly disappointed it's not called 'Holla Box.'

Jake Jackson

Great looking plugin!

Ahmad Awais

Looks pretty neat! Would be a very hard market to compete in with Intercom and Drift.
Just tried it, I am not entirely sure where the messages are going! Or where are the leads at. Is it still WIP?