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How to Fix the 26 Most Irritating Things About WordPress

accesswp.com | Jun. 7, 2017 | 22 min read

Does WordPress get on your nerves sometimes? As a website development platform, WordPress is an awesome solution for businesses. After all, WordPress.org sites are scalable, robust, attractive, and fairly easy to use. Even so, WordPress can make even the calmest business owners shout “WHY?!” Can you relate? If yes, you’ll love this list of 26 irritating things about WordPress and how you can fix them TODAY.

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Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

Some of those things aren't specifically issues with WordPress (I've worked with WP since 2005 and never heard of a "replytocom" URL); others, since they are actually options people don't know about, aren't necessarily irritations. I can think of WAY more irritating things.

Since many new WP users might not be aware of these things, however, this is useful for the right audience.

Girish Karthik

I agree with Sallie Goetsch, most of the issues mentioned are minor and most people know there will be a plugin to help them. That is the strength of WordPress strong community tons of tutorials and millions of contributors. If WordPress inherits all the characteristics you have mentioned many developers will loose their job, lol...It is better WordPress stays as just an engine that cares about the right thing other minor things will be taken care by the community anyway.

But as a content writer, I liked the approach you made with your topic irritating points and solutions, clean