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Gutenberg Will Confuse The Crap Out Of Almost Everyone

donnafontenot.com | Jul. 11, 2017 | 4 min read

I only see doom and gloom resulting from Gutenberg. This won't be good.

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David McCan

Editing old content ... I guess that is another reason to include the current editor. Since Guttenberg decorates the blocks with HTML comments, it will be possible to know which one to use to edit the post. I imagine it would be difficult to parse the old content as people can be very creative, use plugins, shortcodes, etc.

Matt Cromwell

This is a whole lot of speculation and FUD.

Donna Cavalier

How is it speculation and FUD, Matt? I'm sharing exactly what I'm seeing right now.

Sure it's still in beta, but does that mean anything we say about it right now is classified as speculation and FUD? Your comments about it in your articles are the same then, yes? Positive or negative thoughts would both fall into that category at this point, but both should be heard.

I hope my "speculation" doesn't come to pass. But I noticed something that is a fairly BIG DEAL in the way this is going right now, and I think it's worth worrying over.

Brian Jackson

I think Matt is probably referring to comments in your article like "Kick Gutenberg to the curb or watch WordPress implode." Not sure you can really say that about a beta product?

I totally agree with you right now it is not perfect and we should present the problems with it in its current state, otherwise they won't get fixed, but it's just in it's first phase right now.

Still though, I love reading all the different sides to this Gutenberg stuff :) Really interesting.

Kobe Ben Itamar

I think that if you choose to summarize it with "I only see doom and gloom resulting from Gutenberg" or even something like "Gutenberg will be a massive disaster that breaks the back of WordPress, possibly forever." while it's still in it's beta phase, then yes, Matt is right to categorize it as FUD.
You should definitely let your opinion on the project be heard, but maybe consider a slightly less discouraging & bleak approach. Still, people have been working hard on this, and surely it is in everyone's best interest to make it work well when it's out of beta.