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Is your WordPress Site infected with tradetraffic Malware Redirect?

fixmywp.com | Aug. 6, 2017 | 2 min read

At it seems these last few days a there is a sudden urge of WordPress site which are infected by a malware redirect to the tradetraffic.life site. We have received more than 20 WordPress Hack Fix Requests in just 3 days so we understand that something weird is going on out there. This WordPress Malware Redirect is injected into most of your WordPress site post types(posts, pages etc) usually through an infected plugin and redirects usually your site visitors to a spam site. If you're infected I suggest to clean your site asap or request help for WordPress Hack Removal Services or else your site may be banned from Google's index.

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WP Scans

As WordPress Security is our top priority we find this blog post very interesting. But isn't there any plugin that can detect this?

Makis Mourelatos

Since its a malware spread with an injection I believe that malware engines(Wordfence at site level and Maldet at server level) can detect it. Same goes for proxies like Sucuri.
In this blog post we are talking about detecting and cleaning the malware.