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Five Ways I'd Like To Be Proven Wrong About Gutenberg - Caldera Forms

calderaforms.com | Aug. 10, 2017 | 8 min read

Had a great conversation with Josh Pollock about his legitimate concerns with Gutenberg. We covered all sides pretty well. There's definitely a need for clearer direction with the project. For the un-intiated this is a helpful starter into the complexities of what Gutenberg means for WordPress in general.

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Donna Cavalier

There's some missing words in various places in this article.

For example, "WordPress 5.0, if Gutenberg is included,"...that's it. The sentence doesn't finish. Not the only instance.

Great article though, just that I have no way of letting the author know about the problems with it, so I'm hoping Josh will read this here, and be able to fix the content problem.

Josh Pollock

Thanks for pointing that out. I updated.

Eric Karkovack

This whole thing just seems so rushed. I know the team is working very hard and doing the best they can. I just hope they are afforded the time and resources to make sure they get it right (without breaking sites with custom fields, etc.).

Wp WebHelp

Recently Gutenberg is making lots of noise but I think it has both pros and cons attached into it. No one can said this all will be good with this one.

Peter Shaw

Great article and mostly bang on, but one point is completely wrong.

Unless you define cms's very narrowly page builders are completely antithetical to content management as they (page builders) invariable mix content and presentation.

If anything it is aspects like metaboxes, revisions, taxonomies, and other structured data which are the key to Wordpress as a cms.