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Security Issue with Display Widgets Plugin

wordpress.org | Sep. 10, 2017 | 6 min read

If you use the Display Widgets plugin, it has been removed from the plugin repository due to potentially malicious code.

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Johannes Springer

Thank you! Here more info: wordpress.org/support/topic/display-widgets-plugin-v2-6-3-1-includes-hacking-code/
and here a fix (older version or new fork): stallion-theme.co.uk/display-widgets-plugin-review/

Jeffrey Carandang

I've created a post about this also : phpbits.net/display-widgets-plugin-missing/ and you may want to check Widget Options : wordpress.org/plugins/widget-options/ , a plugin of mine. Thanks!

Eric Karkovack

I really wish that there was a better way to alert people about things like this. Wordfence sent me an alert that the plugin had been removed from the repository but no explanation was available. WordPress.org removed the listing. I had to hunt around for the support forum post.

This affects a lot of sites and it would be nice if there were a better way to get the word out. If I hadn't been using Wordfence, I never would have known to research the plugin - especially since there was an update released this past week.