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Did WordPress Just Influence Facebook to Relicense React Under MIT License

| Sep. 23, 2017 | 1 min read

My brain dump at 4 AM about everything React under MIT License and why I am supporting it.

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Mark Gavalda

For some reason when I click the link it just opens a new blank page. I think the URL was left off, at 4am that happens sometimes :-)

Ahmad Awais

Oh damn it! LOL.

HERE'S the link → ahmadawais.com/wordpress-facebook-relicense-react-mit-license/

Ahmad Awais

I wish there was a way to edit this one. And add the link.

@MANAGEWP — could you merge these two managewp.org/articles/16178/did-wordpress-just-influence-facebook-to-relicense-react-under-mit-license