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Gutenberg: Provide plain language outline of project scope, direction, and goals · Issue #3354 · WordPress/gutenberg

github.com | Nov. 7, 2017 | 1 min read

Discussion on scope of Gutenberg project - call for a central resource to outline the project

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David McCan

I think this is a good idea, but it seems like some of the "intentions" are being made up as they go along. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is likely a part of the creative process -- you have some ideas and some general vision. As you try to implement them you discover opportunities and roadblocks so you adjust course. As things start to come into focus those ideas retrospectively become your intention all along and the deadends were just experiments.

On a similar note, I've often thought that core teams need to add a "communications officer". We expect members of the team to be architects, UX experts, talented coders, work well together, have a thick skin, and be good communicators. That is a high bar.

Neil Murray

Several core teams do effectively have a rotating "communications officer" & it makes a significant difference IMO. Gutenberg could definitely benefit from more communication.

carrie dils

I'm curious about the implications are for WP.com. Is .org the proving ground and then it'll eventually roll into Calypso?

Neil Murray

I see the relationship between Calypso & Gutenberg as very positive. Many of the Automattic team members working full time on Gutenberg worked previously on Calypso. That previous experience has clearly influenced Gutenberg in lots of good ways. Having a second crack at such a major project is such a great opportunity for the very experienced JS Devs involved in both projects. Eventually I'm sure lessons learned through Gutenberg will be rolled back into Calypso.