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The Gutenberg WordPress Editor: 10 Things You Need to Know

ithemes.com | Nov. 19, 2017 | 14 min read

Solid overview from iThemes of things you need to know about Gutenberg.

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Dave Warfel

This really is an excellent overview, and it's NOT just another "what is gutenberg" article. It's high-level, succinct and quite helpful to anyone new joining the discussion.

Jake Jackson

This bit of information isn't accurate:

> Gutenberg is currently written using REACT javascript. With Facebook’s recent move to relicense the project under the MIT license, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress.com and Gutenberg would be rewritten using a different library. Here’s more info on REACT and WordPress. This will surely delay the Gutenberg project for some time.

Mullenweg announced (Sep 14, 2017 ma.tt/2017/09/on-react-and-wordpress/) that WordPress.com and Gutenberg would be rewritten to use a different library because Facebook confirmed the license wouldn't be changed from the BSD + Patent license (August 19, 2017 code.facebook.com/posts/112130496157735/explaining-react-s-license/). It was only after this announcement that Facebook reversed this decision and announced the React license would change to MIT (September 23, 2017 code.facebook.com/posts/300798627056246/relicensing-react-jest-flow-and-immutable-js/).

Since the announcement of ReactJS being relicensed to MIT I've seen no evidence of Gutenberg swapping to another framework and cannot find any recent public discussion about it (send links if you've got em).