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How to Create One Page Website With Any WordPress Theme

proteusthemes.com | Jan. 29, 2018 | 7 min read

One page website will work extremely well in cases where you have a single focus or story to tell and a single goal you want your customers to make. An alternative use is when you don't have enough content for multiple separate pages. This article guides you step by step how to use any WordPress theme for creating a one-page website using *any* WP theme.

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Jan Steen

I really like one page design but I always worry about the impact on SEO and mainly page-speed. Should I worry about this or does Google nowadays take this into account? The only way I think you can be successful from a page-speed perspective is to develop the page in such a way the basic and most important content (above the fold) is loaded super fast and the rest is lazy loaded through API's. Does WP offer any solutions on this?

Kevin Lydon

Love the one page design as well and always worried about SEO.

What I have found is being sure to build landing pages for specific keywords with strong blog interlinking you can take care of this.

Also I wouldn't be using a one page design for really content heavy sites because of page speed. These typically work well for consultants and very niche products.

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