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How to effectively handle business objections - The WP Crowd

thewpcrowd.com | Feb. 22, 2018 | 3 min read

Whether you are trying to sell marketing, WordPress maintenance & support, or even a new WordPress website. Businesses will always have their objections (i.e excuses) to not see it worth their money to invest in, and we talk about how to combat or respond to those criticisms.

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John Locke

It strikes me as odd is the fact that we devote a large amount of time trying to convince specific segments of market that investing in a new website, proper marketing, or SEO is worth the investment. This yields our power in the relationship, and it often leads to the prospect clinging tighter to the idea that they *don't* need it, and we are trying to sell them something. I would instead encourage small shops and freelancers to concentrate on prospects that *are* ready to buy, and are actively seeking solutions. The selling is much easier when you aren't fighting an uphill battle.

Vishal Tyagi

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