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Warning: WordPress 4.9.6 Really is a Major Update

satellitewp.com | May. 16, 2018 | 9 min read

Wordpress 4.9.6 is not just a minor update, it is a major update with major implications. Are you ready?

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Brian King

This isn't really true. GDPR impacts ANYONE with a website as it covers Europeans even if they're living or accessing your website from Chicago, San Francisco, Russia, Germany, or anywhere else.

Jean-Francois Arseneault

Disclaimer : I work at SatelliteWP

Since we are not lawyers, we have to rely on articles written by lawyers / attorneys to determine the true reach of the GDPR legislation (which even they find hard to grok). From my research, here is what we could find :

"If the Data Subject, moves out of the EU border and say becomes an expat, or goes on holiday then their personal data processed under these circumstances is not covered by the GDPR and they are no longer a Data Subject in the context of the GDPR, unless their data is still processed by an organisation "established" in the EU."

Source : cybercounsel.co.uk/data-subjects/

Maxime Jobin

> This isn't really true. GDPR impacts ANYONE with a website [...]

How does it impact a website that is in Canada, made for Canadians that only displays text and images and that don't ask or collect any information ? The article give 3 examples where this new privacy feature is irrelevant.

Disclaimer: I wrote the article.

Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

Where are all these spam comments coming from all of a sudden? I'm hoping that they will shortly be deleted and others won't see them, but I just flagged EIGHT obvious spam comments from what I suspect are spam users.

Taniya sharma

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