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Learn Why WordPress Website Security is so Important

wpbreakingnews.com | Jul. 23, 2018 | 7 min read

Everyone talks about website security. Although it's pretty much obvious, did you know all the details about how to protect your site from malicious code & attacks?

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Katie Terrell Hanna

Great article. Very helpful information on protecting your WordPress site. To take it a step further, as your site and business grows and revenue increases, security threat increases as well. You may get to a point where you will require security options that are more comprehensive then plugins and at this juncture, opting for managed WordPress hosting may be your best bet. Personally I think www.Pagely.com is a great example of a Managed WordPress Host that is well equipped and able to handle growing threats as well as the fact that they can scale your site, which is extremely beneficial to a company in the growth phase. Specifically, Pagely offers PressArmor, a comprehensive security architecture developed by Pagely that hardens and protects their network, hardware, and WordPress applications. The primary focus is on prevention and the mitigation of risk to clients. Thanks again for sharing WPbreakingNews.com.