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Automatic User Language Detection in TranslatePress

translatepress.com | Sep. 3, 2018 | 4 min read

TranslatePress now has a new add-on that lets you automatically detect the visitor language based on browser language or IP address. Technical details included.

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Charles Sorensen

First time guests will be diverted to their favored dialect in light of their program settings or IP address. The dialect is then spared in a treat with the goal that whenever they come back to the site, they will be naturally diverted to their last visited dialect.

Web: laustan.com/

Cristian Antohe

Yes. On future visits, the user gets redirected to the last language they viewed the website in.

So if they changed the language to /fr/, even though the plugin detected /en/ as their language, they will be directed to /fr/. For example, this is useful for French people accessing websites from the UK for example, on a friend's computer.