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Stripe vs PayPal - Which Payment Gateway Should You Choose?

kinsta.com | Oct. 1, 2018 | 18 min read

The never-ending debate... Stripe or PayPal (or both?). Check out some of the major differences, fees, and pros/cons to determine what's best for your WordPress site. What do you guys use?

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Flavio Ubezio

Hi Brian, great article. It definitely provides a comprehensive comparison between the two payment gateway.

Some time ago, I had to investigate further the fee-side of the two gateway. My question was: is Stripe or Paypal making my business more profitable.

So, I came up with a detailed answer to the question and posted it here: www.zioube.com/crack/manage/stripe-vs-paypal-definite-profitability-comparison.

I believe it can be a worth deepening for your readers.

Brian Jackson

Awesome great article! I've actually added to the blog post.

Flavio Ubezio

Amazing! Keep up the good job you guys are doing at Kinsta!