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What are the 5 Essential things/resources you guys recommend to be in every wordpress developer's Arsenal?

Dec. 12, 2013

I want to know what things every wordpress developer need to have in his/her bag all the time.

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Dave Warfel


I'd say security is the #1 priority. Learn about how to secure WordPress after installing it, how to build themes & plugins securely, etc. There are tons of articles you could find here on managewp.org, or by searching.

GenerateWP (generatewp.com/) will not only give you a fast way to build custom code for WordPress, but it's a great way to learn from that code.

WordPress Codex (codex.wordpress.org/) - Some of the examples aren't the greatest, and several hooks still aren't documented everywhere, but it's still a great resource. And by WordPress 4.0, I think it'll be completely revamped & much more useful.

I'll leave the remaining 2 for the rest of the community :-)

Muhammad Saad Khan

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detailed reply and some great contributions to the topic. Adding these resources to my list.

From my side, i find this cool tool pretty impressive. (beyondgrep.com/)

What do you think about it?

Dave Warfel

Never used it before. Just checked it out briefly, and it's not something that I think I'd benefit from. But I can't say anything good or bad about it, just have no desire to try it out.

Emanuel Blagonic

Security is definitely #1 priority. Since WordPress is very popular it's more in the focus for security issues. I recommend Better WP Security to handle most of the security–related issues around.

#2 Having a good hosting company is crucial as well. Someone who will take care of regular backups, security checks etc. WP Engine is one to recommend.

#3 Cacheing — WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache and maybe a hosting provider that has it's own cacheing/CDN thing going.

#4 Good themes/Good developers. This is not about WordPress per se, but it's always good to invest in good theme (the one that is being updated regularly) or in a good developer. Less problems in the future. Since I don't buy themes often and my clients sometimes do for their own projects, from the themes I've seen Woo Themes are one of the top providers.

#5 Dave mentioned WP Codex — I'm a designer and not a developer. Codex helped me to learn how to create themes with many "advanced" options. A good place to start your journey :)