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What is managewp.org's traffic?

Jan. 12, 2014

Just curious what sort of visitorship ManageWP has? For the folks running the site, I'd love to know how much traffic you're getting. And. . . I love the site - thanks!

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Vladimir Prelovac

The site currently averages about 400 visitors a day. We are welcoming ideas for expanding its reach.

Btw. today is exactly three months since we launched, yay :)

Pooria Asteraky

Kudus to you for such a great site; I used to follow many of the members here and there for years. But Managewp helped me to catch them all here ;)
BTW your traffic seems higher to me based on your Alexa rank

Alex Vasquez

I Love what you guys are doing here, That figure seems shockingly low...

Vladimir Prelovac

We'll continue to improve it and hopefully attract more people.


A side bar widget will be a great idea to increase traffic I think. You provide the code and bloggers can use it on sidebar of their sites which will give them dynamic content & traffic back to the community, something like recent tweet widget.