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Is It Time To Retire Your Blog's Sidebar? - TorqueMag.io

torquemag.io | May. 9, 2014 | 7 min read

An analysis on the utility of the sidebar in blogs, and whether you should keep it or not.

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peerji ojha

I was working on my new site locally and created a blog concept without the left or right sidebars. I’ve seen a growing number of blogs on other sites that have dropped the sidebars which made me rethink my own site. Putting more focus on the content is important, and for related articles, or sharing, this is best suited in the article’s own footer.

Of course, it really depends on what your website and/or blog is about because everyone has different needs.

However, for my new site, the blog main page will not have a sidebar, but the full article page view will. A nice compromise and balance.