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Any analytics on managewp.org data?

Jul. 2, 2014

As managewp.org continues to grow (just look at the number of upvotes on top articles these days), I would love to be able to see analytics on how metrics like the following are changing over time (day, month, year):

- avg. upvotes/article
- avg. upvotes/front page articles
- total submissions
- highest ranking sites (much like the current statistics section, but mapped over time)
- submissions/top users
- total upvotes (it would be cool to see which days are most popular, and how many total votes are being cast)
- and all the other metrics on the statistics page as well

Is there any place to find such analytics/data? If not, any plans in the works? I would love to see a handy dashboard to track all this stuff, mostly just because I'm excited by what seems to be observable growth in the community. Any other ideas on this topic? Suggestions? Metrics you would want to see?

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Tim Nash

managewp.org/statistics :)

Vladimir Prelovac

Also managewp.org/articles/6211/managewp-org-by-the-numbers-june-2014 had some numbers

Mickey Kay

Right, the /statistics URL is what I'm referring to (for several of the metrics at least), however this is only a current snapshot. What I'd love to see, and what seems like it might be useful to managewp in the long run, is analytics of these and other metrics over time, which could give a better sense if managewp's growth dynamics.

That was a great article btw :)

Michael Beil

This could be a great addition to ManageWP.

Rohit Sharma

I am trying it but confused.