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Please stop using stolen images for your posts on ManageWP!

Aug. 14, 2014


It's getting a bit annoying to be honest. Last week our WP security featured image (by Kinsta.com) was used for the post "Our discussions around WordPress security should change" and was reported by us for the same, nothing happened. :-/
Today the HHVM benchmark post is using our image too: "Wordpress HHVM Benchmark" by Robert Babak Rowshan.

Please don't use anyone else's image but yours, or the author's for your submissions.
I assume this issue affects others as well but I can only spot our own images.


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Pascal Birchler

That's definitely not a nice way to pep up the posts here on ManageWP.

I think this could be stated more clearly in the guidelines.

Marty Rogers

Well said, Mark - I've spotted a few similar images in the short time I have been on ManageWP.

Robert Babak Rowshan

I suspect that this is due to an error in managewp.com for two reasons:

When I shared that blog post, I clicked "no image" because the blog post has no image! Check for yourself: kradalby.no/wordpress-hhvm-benchmark.html

Second, consider that this has happened more than once as you point out yourself. This again suggests it is due to an error on managewp.com

Ask yourself, what are the chances that two different people sharing two different articles (over a random time lapse) which are about totally different topics would choose the EXACT same image to "steal"?

Hope Vladimir fixes this asap.

Vladimir Prelovac

We have not been able to reproduce the bug. Can you guys help?

Vladimir Prelovac

Hi guys I am currently on vacation please share a way to reproduce the bug and will give it to devs.

Mark Gavalda

Robert, we had our fair share of copyright issues in the past and it's getting tiresome, however if this is due to a bug then I apologize, it was an honest mistake.

Vladimir: looks like the issue comes up when the submitter doesn't select/upload any image with the submission and there's already a previous "featured image" in the storage with (I guess!) similar keywords?

Robert Babak Rowshan

Hi Mark, no worries, I appreciate the apology. I can understand why you would be upset and why you would assume it was done intentionally.

All I can say is I didn't "steal" the image or add it to the submission. I have no idea why or how this happened since I'm not a developer but from the fact that this has happened before I suspect that it is a bug.

Andrew Thomas

I personally with your discussion topic.

Robert Babak Rowshan

Hi Vladimir, I noticed that this website uses an automated google image search script to suggest images when a URL is first submitted, could that be the case?