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Trust user - possible confusion?

Sep. 2, 2014

it occurred to me that Trust users has too strong of a connotation, and that perhaps for what the feature does 'follow' or 'favorite' could be more appropriate.

What do you think?

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Tim Nash

I prefer trust, it forces people to focus on what they are actually doing, rather then just being a friend follow friends (though inevitably that's what will happen)

Donna Cavalier

How about Trusted Follow or Follow Trusted User?

Charlie Livingston

I think 'Follow' would make more sense. Because it's not that you necessarily trust the user in question, just that you're interested in seeing what they share.

Matt Cromwell

I like Follow as well. Trusted makes me think I'll allow them to have access to my blood type ;-)

Justin Labadie

I think follow is better also! "Trust" works more in the case of Venmo.com when you can "Trust" people so that they don't have to accept payments it will just automatically go into their accounts ect...

Michael Beil

I think follow is better.

Vladimir Prelovac

Follow makes most sense to me as well we'll probably go with that.