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Introducing the article comments

Sep. 18, 2014

As of today, ManageWP.org enables the same commenting engine that was powering discussions on every article as well.

It was something I personally weighted a lot since the beginning of the site and I always thought that comments belong on the publishers site.

However recently as I became more active in communities as reddit, I learned that these comments tend to be very different then the comments you would leave on the original site. And sometime you just need to say that something was crappy and should not be posted. Also we publish links to pages that do not have comments available (github for example).

I hope that this improvement will further help the members and the quality of this site.

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Mark Gavalda

This is awesome, thanks Vladimir!

Akshay Hallur

Great move. Awesome adding much more involvement and interaction.

Matt Cromwell

Just tested, and it looks like a comment is automatically considered an upvote. I don't think that's useful. Adding discussion to the articles is AWESOME. But don't make them an automatic upvote.

Vladimir Prelovac

Acknowledged, you are not the first one to notice that so definitely something we need to change.

Shivani Patel

Great move except as pointed out by Matt, auto upvoting is what you might want to work on. Otherwise works like a charm.