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Why TimThumb? Why not add_image_size?

rezzz.com | Sep. 21, 2014 | 3 min read

Good advice. Welcoming Jason Resnick's site to the community here.

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Olaf Lederer

Why TimThumb? Because people are lazy
IN 2014 is see more and more themes using WP functions to create different image sizes.

Tim Nash

Sadly not lazy enough, otherwise they wouldn't be implementing anything that needs timthumb :p

Firdaus Zahari

What's worse is the ignorance that this is can be done in native WordPress functions instead of opting for vuln script. Some reference: kovshenin.com/2012/native-image-sizing-on-the-fly-with-wordpress/

Jeffrey Huckaby

Left a more detailed comment on your site. In our system operations work, we always ask:
- What is the goal?
- Can we do it with what we have?
- What are added costs/management/security issues of adding something new?

In this case you are trying to make a thumbnail. If WP can do that internally, why bring in something else for you to maintain.