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WordPress and Default Themes - Opinion

eamann.com | Oct. 14, 2014 | 4 min read

Thoughts behind not wanting a new default theme every year in favor of an iterative approach. Comments between Eric and Otto are particularly interesting.

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Tom Harrigan

I'm a fan of a new theme every year. Would be tough to add anything too drastically different to the theme after release. Once peeps are using it, you'd break their sites if major changes are made (there's no way to be compatible with all changes made/added viachild themes). Best to create new theme every year (or whenever, would be cool to have one every major release) and show off the best WP has to offer/has added.

A neat thing to do, and sort of a compromise, would be to add official child themes over time in order to add big new features to existing/previous default themes. There's nothing stopping people from creating child themes now, and maybe "official" is just silly, power to the people. Would love to see more child themes in the .org repo.