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The best WordPress plugins revealed by 39 WordPress enthusiasts

psdtowp.net | Oct. 29, 2014 | 7 min read

Are you wondering which WordPress plugins are the best? We've asked 39 WordPress enthusiasts which WordPress plugins they use most. The results are impressive!

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Tom Harrigan

This is awesome :)


Very nice :)

Yoren Chang

I'm glad to be one of the enthusiasts :)


Thank you for this post. Good to know what the pros are working with and rely on ;)

Tim Nash

It's cute to know, people fall for these style articles every single time, flattery get's people everywhere as Olaf happily demonstrates. What you learn is 39 people choose the same popular plugins over and over again. Possibly because they are good but more likely because they are popular.

However there is nothing to see in this article except a few sheep, sorry folks

René Hermenau

Absolutely agree with you Tim. "Pros" are often using the same plugn for every new website again and again (I also do this), but this also means that they are often not looking outside the box and miss a lot of other well or better suited plugins. Its damn easy to miss new great plugins in the WP repository because the popular ones stay on top of all.

Olaf Lederer

Hi Tim and thank you :)
At the moment the author asked me for my own list, I remembered me a similar list from a few weeks ago. Strange enough this list becomes popular again. This list has some "strange" top5 categories (check also the comments in Facebook AWP group), but these are based on the quality of submissions I guess.

As always The "simple" article get more shares than the advanced articles...

Yoren Chang

Though Tim has his point, I think this article is worth a read for it's not so common that 39 people sat down and filled a Google form about what plugins they use.

And some did have good points on why they use or not use some popular plugins, not like my answers...