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How Much Does It Really Cost To Start A WordPress Site

wpkube.com | Nov. 16, 2014 | 9 min read

Though WordPress’ services are generally free, there are still some cost involved in the process of creating a successful site on WordPress. This articles tells you about the basic cost involved in the process

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robert Abela

Good article. What intrigues me in such articles is that no one ever mentions security and the up keeping of a website, then we wonder how come many WordPress websites are insecure. Of course if we don't educate the users they will never think of it in the first place.

Nemanja Aleksic

That would take a whole new article to cover properly, especially because these days there's a wide palette of solutions - from free ones such as Wordfence for security and WPRemote for upkeep, to Sucuri Antivirus that's $100 per annum and our very own ManageWP for upkeep.

But yeah, helping users make an informed decision is always a positive thing.

robert Abela

HI Nemanja,

I tend to disagree to that. I mean yes you can write a whole article about that but you can also write a simple paragraph where you explain that hardening and monitoring is needed and just mention a few :)