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The cost of setting up a WordPress ecommerce store

designwall.com | Dec. 4, 2014 | 11 min read

Some of the extra costs you might incur when setting up an ecommerce store with WordPress.

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Tim Nash

Yet another depressing post on costs of e-commerce, with some choice highlights of suggesting < $4 hosting is suitable for e-commerce. Why do people insist on doing this, e-commerce is incredibly cost effective but people should realistic in expectations and expect a relatively large upfront cost and a large monthly maintenance bill. No one should be kidding themselves that a successful, legal and well run site is going to be a few hundred bucks.

In case anyone is thinking about e-commerce don't just just find a cheap shared host and slap a few plugins on and expect to find yourself anywhere but in a court room for a breach of your local countries data protection act, and a ludicrous large fine if you mishandled payment card details.

You should be terrified about your customers security and privacy, you should be providing the best customer service and the simplest user journey. This stuff costs money, but it's a lot cheaper then opening a store in EVERY single town in your country or if you are international the world and it's only in this context should e-commerce be considered cheap.