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Why the WordPress Front-End Editor is Going to be Amazing

wpshout.com | Dec. 17, 2014 | 13 min read

A review (with some gushing) on the WP Front-End Editor - a plugin that allows you to write and edit posts on the front-end of the site. You can even highlight words for a small TinyMCE toolbar to show up! No more disconnection between writing and seeing what it looks like on the actual site. It's pretty cool!

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Vladimir Prelovac

You seem to have keen interest in UI and accessibility Rachel :)

Rachel R. Vasquez

You're right! I think I should be more self-aware of that. Who knows what it can turn into. :-)

Tom Harrigan

You should join the Accessibility channel in Slack :) make.wordpress.org/chat/

Aside from the normal convos, our weekly meetings are Wednesdays @ 19:00 UTC

Rachel R. Vasquez

Ooh - what goes on in there? Guess there's only one way to find out. I'll check it out some time. Thanks. :-)