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How the new Plugin Discovery Tool made me update my 28 plugins

Dec. 22, 2014

I spent last two days doing something very useful. Updating all of my 28 WordPress plugins.

Some of them were not updated for years. Have in mind that I wrote most of my plugins in 2007 and 2008.

The reason I did this is the plugin quality score which is a part of the new Plugin Discovery tool we launched here few days ago.


We are pushing this metric as *the* metric to look at, and it is taking a lot of factors in play (seven total at the moment, more to be added). Not only it looks at things like when was the plugin last updated or the version compatibility but it will also look at score of all your other plugins when determining the score for any plugin.

And I really hated loosing points for plugins I care about because I had a bunch of outdated plugins. So with the next refresh of the database I should get better scores.

The whole process was very time and energy consuming as I had to deal with SVN, install and check plugins. I am completely wasted. But I am feeling quite nice now.

In the process I also cleared the support threads (as this is what the plugin quality score looks at as well). This single metric basically made me do kinds of things everything else would have hard time convincing me to. I realize not all people need this kind of stimuls but this was quite appropriate for my situation, and I somehow see that many other developers will react in the same way to it.

Then I went a step further. I started adding icons for the plugins I care most about! It was actually quite easy as there are a lot of free for non-commercial use icon packs you can find.

Look how beautiful my WP plugins profile page started to look after I did that.

Then I went another step further and actually created a banner for my top downloaded plugin, using just Windows Paint. Because of the gradient WP repo gives it does not look to shabby for 5 minute work!

(we still do not look at icon and banner presence for the quality score but I do see that being included in the future as it is an indicator of care)

I feel that we are really onto something with the new plugin discovery tool. I am receiving emails from other developers asking when the database will update, as they just cleaned their support threads and want to see their scores go up.

We are starting a really positive wave here and in the most unexpected way.

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Donna Cavalier

I'm impressed. That had to have entailed a lot of work. I updated my one and only plugin last night, and I was ready to throw things afterwards, just because dealing with SVN was such a pain. (I'm still pretty new to it, but still...it was rough). Doing that 28 times and clearing support threads, and creating icons, etc....that had to be exhausting. All for good reason though, so it's good you were motivated by the new cool tool you've created for us. Thanks!

Vladimir Prelovac

Thank you, I was simply persistent until I've done it all. Strange how a few numbers can motivate a developer... :)

Nemanja Aleksic

Congratulations, you've been gamified by your own team :D

Tom Harrigan

I usually use Versions (an SVN GUI app) to handle updating my plugins. Saves me a bit of time, and lets me see all of my plugins/repos in one place.