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Best New Plugins appears to be non-functional

Dec. 24, 2014

managewp.org/plugins/best is returning 0 results. All Plugins works fine, but Best New Plugins is broken.

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Pascal Birchler

Wrong place for a bug report I guess. Also the "Best New Plugins" site works fine for me.

Donna Cavalier

It does work fine now, yes, but it didn't when I wrote this. So... the "Community" section would not be a good place to discuss this community's sections?

Vladimir Prelovac

Thanks for reporting it. You probably caught it while it was updating.

It is probably more convenient for us to use feedback feature for bugs and glitches.

Donna Cavalier

Ah, just noticed the SEND FEEDBACK button at the bottom of the screen. Sorry, hadn't seen that before. Noted.