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Respect your Conference Speakers

timnash.co.uk | Jan. 26, 2015 | 1 min read

Pretty gutted to be dropping out of speaking at a WordCamp event :( But ultimately it's not fair on volunteers and speakers to pay to speak.

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Vladimir Prelovac

Its pretty unbelievable that they are charging speakers. Really wonder what kind of thought process produced that idea and checked it as a good one.

Pascal Birchler

I could probably live with that, but not if I was a volunteer. Imagine you're at the welcome desk all day long and need to pay for talks you never attend.

Tim Nash

While the post is from a speakers perspective, as this is where I find this attitude happens a lot, I was genuinely shocked when I found out volunteers were expected to get tickets.

Nemanja Aleksic

There's no excuse for such a behaviour. If you charge organizers and speakers, then you either:
a) Suck at organizing events, in which case you should step down, or
b) Want to cash in on the event in some way

Frankly I don't know which one is worse.

Tom Harrigan

In the case of a WordCamp, b) would be worse in my opinion. The structure isn't really set up for that, and it's not a for-profit conference. Some seriously shady stuff would need to happen in order for this to occur. I don't think for a second that this was the case though.

Everyone is volunteering to be part of the conference, including the organizers. It's their time and energy that make the event happen. I agree that it makes no sense to charge organizers, volunteers, speakers. As a speaker, I'm used to having to pay the costs of travel and lodging, which can add up very quickly. Having the ticket paid for and having a speaker dinner is a nice way of giving a high five to everyone for making it out to the conf and giving their time/expertise to the community.

Since everyone is a volunteer, I don't know that I'd necessarily assume the organizers are amazing at organizing events, I would assume that they love WordPress and that's why they're there. I'm think that Central helps out a bit with the organizing process, including giving the organizers the best practices/strategies for fundraising. If the organizers had a really tough time with fundraising/sponsors (or if there were other factors we don't know about that led to a rough planning/execution), then this compounded with the other issues Tim mentioned seems to be a lesson learned very harshly by the organizing committee. Hopefully with these lessons under their belt, future conferences will be run differently and everyone will be happy again.