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Plugin idea - Retweet Thanks

Feb. 20, 2015

I stumbled upon this blog post and it is the end of it that caught my attention.


The author thanks to all the people that retweeted it. Thought this would be a cool way to increase engagement and would make a handy WordPress plugin if anyone fancies building it.

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Harsh Agrawal

Indeed a great idea..This will encourage more tweets!

Ahmad Awais

I tried to build something like this, but I think it is not possible.

Reasons: tl;dr version Limitations of twitter API.

The algorithm could be something like this,
- Use Twitter Search API to search for the single post URL
- find the IDs and Display Picture of users who tweeted that URL and display them

Issue: Twitter shortens the URL and since the exact URL is not part of the tweet, Search API returns nothing.

Another Possible way.
Find the people who retweet a specific tweet.
Issue: There is no way whatsoever to define the ID of a particular tweet which is going to be retweeted so that we have an ID for finding the retweeters.

If you think that I am missing something, let me know :)

Vladimir Prelovac

I am pretty sure that guy is not doing it manually :)

Ahmad Awais

He must be doing it manually. I contacted support staff of twitter, they told me not all the tweets are indexed by search. So, you can't use the API to do it. Only way to do it is index the tweets and build SaaS just like Topsy does.

Vladimir Prelovac

No sane person does it manually :)

Ahmad Awais

Yup! But people using Blogspot normally aren't using complex API based plugins :) to say the least.

Brian Jackson

That would be an awesome addition to the end of every blog post :)