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Add Missing Alt Tags To Wordpress Images

paulund.co.uk | Mar. 1, 2015 | 2 min read

While not ideal in most cases, for large old sites that have lots of images, and you just can't possibly get to them all, this is a great idea. I would only use it in such a situation, though, as the title won't really be reflective of the actual image in many cases.

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Mark Root-Wiley

I really wish this came with a better explanation of the primary purpose of alt text (to provide an alternative to the image) and its impact on accessibility. Using the post title as alt text is probably inappropriate in most cases and sends the wrong message about how to handle alt text. I also wonder if the SEO point is even valid. If the image has not alt text and appears on that page, I'm not sure how much adding identical alt text will help Google. And again, if it's bad alt text, is it helping Google at all anyway?

Rachel R. Vasquez

Hmm, I feel like the alt should only be auto-filled if perhaps it's a featured image for SEO purposes? But even doing that doesn't seem good for accessibility because isn't it just repeating information that a screen reader already reads if it's the title? The function looks like it'll just drop the title into every existing images' alt tags - I think that would make for a more difficult experience accessibility-wise than a blank alt attribute.