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wpide.net | Mar. 28, 2015 | 2 min read

Cloud based integrated WordPress code editor. This could be fun!

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Ahmad Awais


Olaf Lederer

Would be great to know who is behind that kind of service. I would never use a tool where the company is (almost) invisible.
You should think people have to hide themselves :)
But still a great idea!

Vova Feldman

Great idea for light coding and testing, though it will have to come with a debugger in order to the main development tool.

Ben Sibley

This looks awesome. I'm a bit skeptical that it can compete with more traditional IDEs, but I'll give it a shot. Also, it looks like a great tool to recommend to newbies just getting started with WP development since they can skip the local install and run multiple WP versions.

Pascal Birchler

"You can launch a WordPress development instance with just one click. Then you can develop, test and preview your instance straight from your browser."

Reminds me of this: spinpress.com/project-idea-wordpress-sandbox/