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New Try Drupal program - Should we have something similar for WP?

Apr. 11, 2015

Drupal is launching a "try drupal program" to promote the adoption of WordPress: www.drupal.org/news/new-try-drupal-program

Among the initial initiatives, they are partnering with some hosting providers to let newcomers to quickly setup a WP site for free. Shouldn´t we have something similar for WordPress?

(and no, I don´t think WordPress.com plays that role)

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Matt Cromwell

WordPress.com COULD play that role if it was advertised that way. But WP doesn't have an adoption problem the way Drupal does. I think WP could benefit from a program like that, but it's not really necessary the same way it is for Drupal.


Not so sure. It could if we did a lot of pedagogy. Too many people still confuse WP.com and WP.org so using one to get adopters for the other would be challenging