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Launching WordPress Events hub!

Apr. 27, 2015

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to make an announcement that we are launching another part of the site, called Events!

The main idea of this tool is to make finding an interesting WordPress event easier. Let's say you are traveling to Europe and want to see what WordCamps and other WordPress related events you can check out while on the road? We have a map for that that you can filter by dates as well.

As with the Plugin discovery tool launched previously, we took something that is missing in the community, delved into the problem, added a bit of magic and the result is the most comprehensive WordPress event tracker today. We track WordCamps, meetups and all non-WordCamp conferences around the world in an easy to use, beautiful looking interface.

Find an event you'd like to attend, or claim or create an event if you are an organizer. The Event tracker is the result of a lot of hard, manual work and the way we want to keep it scalable is to have event organizers 'claim' and update their events in the future. So this is also a call for all of you who have their event listed to email hi@managewp.org with your information and ManageWP.org username so we can assign your event to you.


Feedback welcome!

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Ryan Love

Very, very nice! Good work.

Just a suggestion, it looks like currently the event type is set to "Wordcamp" by default and so those are the events that are showing. Wouldn't it be better if "any event type" was the default. When I first looked at it, I assumed it was for only showing Wordcamps.

Vladimir Prelovac


We did it on purpose as we did not want the user to be overwhelmed (there are a lot of events + meetups) going on. This is why it also asks for your location so you can get a good clean start.

On second thought though, we might be loosing usability and interaction there, so perhaps Any event type would be a better default indeed.

Kyle Maurer

I freaking LOVE this! I've always wanted to make something like this. I've also been thinking about pushing to create a new page on wordcamp.org which would incorporate something like this. But yeah, this is amazing for now.

Ahmad Awais

Hey Vladimir, this is amazing. Wish it was done an year ago :)

Shawn Hooper

Great idea! Have wished for something like this for a while now.

Are you pulling the WordCamp data from Central, or do the organizing teams in each city need to submit their event? I ask because I notice, for example, WC Montreal is not listed (July 4-5).

Vladimir Prelovac

Thank you!

We entered them manually and they needed to have at least the location defined as well as some speakers announced to get the thing going. But the idea is that the event organizers maintain the listings in the future.

Shawn Hooper

I see this as a potential problem with this site. If WordCamp or Meetup organizers don't know about the Events Hub, it becomes and incomplete list, meaning we can still miss out on events.

That being said, this is still a huge improvement over what we've had before. :)

Kasia Świderska

Great thing, I would like to add event, but I'm new to ManageWP.org, and I don't know what means to be "recognized member of the WordPress community" (I am, but in only one country, so I think that doesn't count... ;))?

Vladimir Prelovac

Simply email hi@managewp.org and dont worry :)

Donna Cavalier

In the text list, the meetups addresses just show a street, so there is no way to tell from the list what city or state (in the US at least) the meetup is located in. Really need that info to make it useful.