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Mozilla Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP

blog.mozilla.org | May. 3, 2015 | 3 min read

Mozilla announcing their intent to phase out non-secure HTTP. Mozilla is committing to focus new development efforts on the secure web, and start removing capabilities from the non-secure web.

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Donna Cavalier

Not exactly WP focus, but all of WP would be affected, so...ok, I'll vote for it. I'm guessing the date will be somewhat far off into the future. We'll see...

Ryan Love

It'll be interesting to see if/when the other browsers follow suit.

Eric Karkovack

Just one more pain in the butt to deal with, LOL.

Dhaval Jogi

At this time, security is the main concern in the digital world and Google also recommend https everywhere and get an advantage in search ranking. Now Mozilla also enforces for SSL set up, it means they would like to build secure environment over the internet.