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The trojan Emoji

poststatus.com | May. 8, 2015 | 5 min read

Andrew Nacin spoke at Loopconf about how utf8mb4 (aka Emoji) support was, to a degree, a guise for fixing a critical security vulnerability in WordPress.

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Donna Cavalier

Well...holy crap.

Tim Nash

I posted this in a slack channel, but just imagine for one second the following...

It comes out Microsoft had a massive vulnerability in Word for 2 years that they knew about, and instead of disclosing, they fix then released a version with Mr Clippy not only back but enabled by default to hide the fix.

How would people react?

Vladimir Prelovac

They'd be confused just like now.

Mark Root-Wiley

As @nacin just said on twitter, Emoji was coming anyway: twitter.com/nacin/status/597796749323980800