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Please Turn Off Commenting Here

Community | Jan. 14, 2019

ManageWP.org staff, please turn off commenting on this site. It's just a giant spam-fest, and it's been that way for far too long. It's obviously never going to be moderated properly, so please just turn it off.


via JS Morisset

And while we're fixing things, FB login has been broken for awhile now.

via Rod Austin

I am an Admin here, but there is no way to turn off commenting sitewide, when I see a flag, I could delete. And I don't see any development support, so anything related to the development probably won't happen soon.

via M Asif Rahman Ⓦ

Ok, it's really not that hard. I mean, you can at least hide it via css. #comment-form-id { display: none; } Could probably still get some via scripts but it would probably cut down on a lot. And flags....we've flagged and flagged in the past, with nothing done. To paraphrase someone I despise..."sad".

via Donna Cavalier

I do not have server level access, I already informed Vladimir and others personally.

And if you flag I am personally moderating, I will try my level best to take action in time.

via M Asif Rahman Ⓦ

And...my point exactly.

via Donna Cavalier

ManageWP.org improvements, new algorithm & more!

Community | Aug. 27, 2018

Hey gang,

I am happy to announce that in the past couple of weeks we've been busy fixing up ManageWP.org in order to improve the quality of articles served on the Popular page, and the overall page speed. Here's a short recap of work done.

New algorithm favors fresh articles
A while back we fixed a lot of issues with karma and how they impacted the Popular articles. But that backfired in a spectacular way: the fixed ranking algorithm favored articles upvoted by users with high karma, to such an extreme that these articles remained on the top of Popular for months. So we took another stab at it, and the new article ranking has a much faster decay, helping you see fresh news every day.

Goodbye karma
Karma has been giving us a ton of performance issues, so we decided to drop it. It's replaced by a much more straightforward activity score, akin to Reddit: there's no ranking decay, and the more you share, vote and comment, the higher the rank. Top ranking users will have a more influential vote than rookies. Your rank is currently hidden, but at some point we will make it public. It's worth noting that we're not resetting anyone's rank. Instead, we're calculating it based on your past activity.

We're actively combating spam
We recently saw a spike in spam comments. Unfortunately, since users can register with just their social media accounts, we had a flood of spam accounts dropping backlinks left and right. So we decided to implement captcha in the comments, and it worked like charm. We also stripped all links from the comments - they are replaced by plain text URL. If you want to follow a link in the comment, simply c/p it.

What's next?
For starters, we need your feedback on the ranking algorithm. Please fill out the survey and let us know how to improve it:

We also plan to improve the moderation tools and get more volunteers aboard. If you're interested in helping, let me know, as we're be expanding our moderation team once everything is in place.

As always, don't hesitate to drop your feedback in the comments. This website is yours as well, and I'd love to hear any thoughts that would help us improve the experience for everyone.

Excellent that you've taken the bull by the horns, there had been a bit of a decay, recently, so I'm thrilled you've taken the effort to do this - thank you!

Great that spam is being handled neatly.

Re the ranking algorithm, we'll have to see how it works out in general, I do tend to stay back from commenting and sharing, but I do upvote articles which really hit the sweet spot. So I'm a semi-lurker so to speak, with stringent "requirements" for upvoting :-)

Hope that doesn't impact my "influence"...just wanted to make the comment public, since it might be a valid concern for other people like myself.


via David Attard

Isnt' it somewhat ironic that a site that is "All things WordPress" doesn't actually run on Wordpress? Shouldnt you be setting a practical example?
Also for me, your "Best New Plugins" page results have been broken for weeks. No results are found for any given query.

via NoOrdinaryCat

The current vote strength is no longer relevant, and will be removed from the profiles soon.

via Nemanja Aleksic

Thanks for letting me know, we'll get it fixed.

ManageWP.org was an experiment in new tech to create an interactive website, before we implemented it into the ManageWP product. So we decided to build something for the community, since WordPress was not capable of this back in the day.

via Nemanja Aleksic

That's cool, upvotes are an imoportant piece of helping quality content stay on top. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, David!

via Nemanja Aleksic

Glad to read this. I had left using the site coz of all the issues. :(

via Ahmad Awais

Am I the only one who noticed the number of spam comments is too high?

Community | Jun. 18, 2018

I noticed this trend that the number of spam accounts and the number of comments left by these bots? is increasing. Just take a look at this thread here:


Or this:

Or this:

Any ideas or solution?

It's really annoying, and ManageWP doesn't seem to care -- I've sent lots of feedback and flagged comments -- no change.

I've started to visit ManageWP less and less since the quality of comments is going to shit.

via JS Morisset

Have noticed this too, and flagged tons of these spam comments. Make the comment links nofollow, will deter this behavior.

via John Locke

There has been no moderation since months now...

via pol taj

And for obvious reasons. John has a point.

via Binod Kumar Anand

@Pol I have to respectfully disagree. The moderation team is just one person, and I have been busy with WCEU in our own back yard. Otherwise I clean up comments once a week, or whenever I have some extra time.

On a related note, there has been too much spam going on lately, but not sure if nofollow would be enough. My knee-jerk reaction would be to remove links altogether. What do you all think?

via Nemanja Aleksic

Hi Nemanja,

I think nofollow wouldn't be enough, removing links altogether might be a better solution, but I have the feeling that even without links spam won't disappear. Isn't there a way to manually review and approve or reject new accounts? I know this could be definitely a time-consuming task.
Btw. I hope you had a great time on WCEU!

via Tom Zsomborgi

I should spam the crap out of ManageWP

Community | Jul. 4, 2018

I should spam the crap out of ManageWP.org .

I mean, apparently, I'm behind the times, right?

Looks like everyone else is already spamming ManageWP, and I've been left in the dust. I should get all my backlinks from here!

Here's a perfect example. Look at the comments on https://managewp.org/articles/16787/getting-ready-for-gutenberg-helping-developers-prepare-for-it . WTF?

I guess this is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil. (Or Godaddy?)

Obviously, no one gives a crap any longer. Probably time to abandon ship.

Not sure what's taking so long to treat the spam situation, but I think I read somewhere that they were working on it..
With that said - guys, seriously, the amount of spam comments on here is getting obscene.

via Kobe Ben Itamar

I want to flag some spam comments but vote strength is not stronger enough.

via tudoutou

Flagging spam doesn't help, so don't worry. ;-)

via JS Morisset

I don't think it actually has anything to do with GoDaddy, but there was a more extended discussion of it here: managewp.org/articles/17531/am-i-the-only-one-who-noticed-the-number-of-spam-comments-is-too-high

via Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

This should include a community comment as well as a warning message to the user

via Bao Anh

Karma & vote strength in 2018

Community | Feb. 12, 2018

Hey all,

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for putting up with the glitches that have been plaguing us in the past several months. What started as a way to stabilize the website, unrolled as a continuing series of troubleshooting one issue after another.

Here's a short timeline of the key events:
- Several months ago ManageWP.org started having stability issues. Our investigation found that it was hitting the hosting resource limit due to suboptimal code. Most of these issues revolved around the way karma is calculating everything but your blood cell count.
- As we dug into the karma algorithm we managed to simplify the calculation, but also fixed the calculation errors that caused karma to balloon for some users.
- After some celebratory high fives, we realized that the karma calculation, now fixed, is actually bad. It siphons karma from contributors, rewarding passive activity. That's why our most prolific users ended up with very low vote strength

So at that point we had a choice:
- Roll back to the original karma algorithm, and bring back stability issues
- Tweak the current algorithm
- Roll up our sleeves, rip out the karma algorithm and replace it with a meaningful algorithm that rewards active contributors

So we opted for no.3, cleared up the schedule for several developers, and got down to business. We should be able to get the new algorithm in place in the next few weeks.

What can you expect?

Karma will be retired
While a fun little gamification, it's not a contributing factor. The vote strength is the true value there. And since both of them are based on the same stats (i.e. shares, upvotes, etc.), we will focus on the vote strength. The higher vote strength you have, the more impact your upvote will have.

Vote strength will be tiered
Based on your activity, you will be placed in one of the 3 tiers:
- Average vote strength: the default strength that you start with
- High vote strength: an active contributor, with a fair share of shares, upvotes & comments
- Exceptional vote strength: the most active percentage of the member base

Sharing rights will be given automatically after certain amount of activity. This will help new users become active, since in the current state a moderator has to approve the request manually.

Better moderation
We're introducing a couple of tools that will make moderation easier, and at the same time we'll log all the actions so we could go back and see why a moderator removed a particular article.

Feedback loop
We will definitely need your help fine tuning the new algorithm. We will also need to start a conversation on what constitutes a good article, because our article guidelines are also due for an update. Expect more feedback posts in the future, and we're also looking at setting up a Trello board to discuss various topics.


Those are our plans for 2018 in a nutshell. Let me know your thoughts, since all of you as much members of the community as I am.

Thanks for the update! Did you convert the original Karma Points to the new vote strength or we'll start again? Also, what is your new support email? I can't seem to get a response, my post privilege got removed. Thank you very much!

via Phpbits Studio

I would like to propose finding a way to honor old user as well, so besides dropping all stat, maybe apply the new algorithm on old data or keep old data, apply the new rule on new input.

via M Asif Rahman Ⓦ

Yes, I probably should have pointed out:

The new algorithm will use the existing data, so people with long track record will already have a higher vote strength.

Please drop me a line at nemanja.aleksic@managewp.com - our spam filter was getting more aggressive lately.

via Nemanja Aleksic

Great to know you guys are willing to invest a substantial amount of the company's resources into improving ManageWP.org.

I think that at this point it has become almost irreplaceable for most of its members and it would have been a shame to have to watch it slowly decline due to bugs/an incompetent algorithm.

via Kobe Ben Itamar

Finally, I've been waiting for all this to happen for so long :)

Glad to see you folks are coming around and spending time on this community project.

Here's what I think you should look at:
- Emoji Support: This site is an emoji-racist :P I can't use emoji here.
- Bad Algo: Members listed at the top in the member listing are normally not very active. I think I have explained this to you in details over the chat we had @Nemaja
- Homepage Doesn't update anymore
- Maybe go React if you can spend that much time and build an application that can be used both here and on mobile?
- Comment Flag messaging is not right. When I flag a comment it kindov feels like I am flagging the post itself.

Looking forward!

via Ahmad Awais

Thank you for your feedback and support, Ahmad!

No dice on emojis, tho. I've seen your Slack messages and Facebook posts - you need an emoji intervention :D

via Nemanja Aleksic

User Voting Counts reset?

Community | Jan. 12, 2018

Looks like voter counts were totally reset... which I guess that's fine, but I'd love to hear why and how and what else you all have in store for ManageWP.org this 2018.

p.s. I'd love it if my voter count was restored too since it was quite good previously, but it's your platform.

Yeah, I noticed it immediately. I think it was a couple of weeks ago or so. Thought it was just a glitch and would get fixed, but it never did.

via Donna Cavalier


via Tom Zsomborgi

Thanks Tom. I commented over there. Hoping this gets resolved. I mean... it's not a huge deal, but I've been sharing hear for IDK... four years maybe. We'll see.

via Matt Cromwell

Yeah, and I'm way down towards the bottom of the list now. A little unsettling....

via Donna Cavalier

Here's a quick update, but I will follow up tomorrow morning with more info:

The karma system in its state up to a few weeks ago was broken, and it was assigning way more karma than it should have. We were refactoring ManageWP.org for the past month, and it's when we realized this.

The current karma calculation is much more precise, but the whole karma system is fundamentally broken. We learned that there are plenty of ways to be ranked quite high without contributing to the community in any meaningful way.

More on this tomorrow, and thank you for your patience with this.


via Nemanja Aleksic

The other frustrating thing is having new posts never show up on the front page. I've had stuff marked as "popular" but never gets beyond the "Latest" listing.

via Eric Karkovack

Can I get your advice on this?

Community | Feb. 28, 2018


I'm Brian(https://twitter.com/madeinbrian) a rookie WordPress developer
and the reason I'm writing is because, I wanted your advice on a platform I've been working on for the WP community.

But first, here is my problem, for years I have been turning to trusty Google for help finding "the best BuddyPress themes" etc... I would then have to sift through either, outdated recommendations, a biased list which existed only to earn a commission or lists based on the opinion of one author.

This bugged me for years, which lead me to spend the last year and a half pouring every penny I had into creating Softwarefindr.com.

A platform I created to solve this issue. Where you get truly unbias recommendation from someone that has been in your shoes, that best understands your problem and has actually bought and/or used the product in question. Instead of being based on one analyst opinion you can now leverage the experience of hundreds if not thousands of users who came before you.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because I need your advice to help further improve the platform for our fellow WP users,
In keeping with the example, I gave above, check out: https://www.softwarefindr.com/best/buddypress-wordpress-themes/

Could you please leave your feedback below on these questions:

What if anything made it easy to find a theme?

What if anything made it challenging to find a theme?

What piece of information would be most important to you when choosing a theme?

Then lastly did I miss something?

I know that you are busy people, so thank you in advance for any bit of advice you can share, which will help shape the platform to serve the WordPress community better.

Have a blessed week,


Thank you to everyone that upvoted this thread :) It's very encouraging :)

via WP Growth

very interesting article!

via Blant Simonetti