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Please Turn Off Commenting Here

Community | Jan. 14, 2019

ManageWP.org staff, please turn off commenting on this site. It's just a giant spam-fest, and it's been that way for far too long. It's obviously never going to be moderated properly, so please just turn it off.


via JS Morisset

And while we're fixing things, FB login has been broken for awhile now.

via Rod Austin

I am an Admin here, but there is no way to turn off commenting sitewide, when I see a flag, I could delete. And I don't see any development support, so anything related to the development probably won't happen soon.

via M Asif Rahman ⓦ

Ok, it's really not that hard. I mean, you can at least hide it via css. #comment-form-id { display: none; } Could probably still get some via scripts but it would probably cut down on a lot. And flags....we've flagged and flagged in the past, with nothing done. To paraphrase someone I despise..."sad".

via Donna Cavalier

I do not have server level access, I already informed Vladimir and others personally.

And if you flag I am personally moderating, I will try my level best to take action in time.

via M Asif Rahman ⓦ

And...my point exactly.

via Donna Cavalier

bbPress listing is different on WP repository than other plugins: how?

Community | 19 days ago

On the surface, the bbPress plugin seems to have the same listing features as any other plugin. The contents of the listing are controlled by readme.txt, the version is handled by the main PHP file, etc. But then you click on the Support tab. Instead of redirecting to the wordpress.org support environment, it redirects to the bbPress site's bbPress forum. How is this done? There's nothing in the readme.txt that even specifies support. I'd like to replicate this behavior, sending my users directly to my support system. Is this hard-coded in the repo just for bbPress?

Enquiring minds want to know. Or, at least, I do.



via BLU Cell Phones