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Applying for posting privileges

If you want to submit content to ManageWP.org you need to be manually approved for posting privileges. This is in order to prevent spam and keep the quality of content posted high. To help us with the process, please edit your profile and add as much information as you can. Having previously upvoting the articles you think are best, participating in discussions by commenting on articles and being a helpful member of the community will help as well.

Once granted, please follow the other guidelines outlined on this page. Posting privileges are hard to earn but can be easily revoked. Please remember that this community has a high quality standards.

Be Classy;

Show respect

We hope that you will treat your fellow WordPress community members with respect and class. It's the Golden Rule. Treat others well, treat them with respect, and just be aware. Be friendly, be constructive, and be cool!

Spread the Wealth

Feel free to submit that article you spent hours working on to perfect and that you feel deserves attention, but please be respectful. Please share amazing content created by others. After all,  when others feel compelled to share the content you created, that's a sign of true appreciation and accomplishment.

English only!

We might add support for other languages in the future, but for now the site is for English content only.

Do not (mainly) self-promote

Submitting a story is a privilege and treats it as such. You are welcome to submit a great post of yours, but you know what, great posts usually get discovered on their own anyway. Do not submit posts that self-promote your own product or service, or promote somebody else's with an affiliate link.

No Spam, No Trash

There's no tolerance for spam here at ManageWP.org. If you're found to be posting spammy content, content written for promotional purposes using affiliate links (including content on the topic of "making money online") or anything that doesn't add value to the WordPress community, your account will be suspended or removed. SEO, marketing, affiliate and make money blogging topics do not have a place here. Do not post giveaways. Do not submit posts on sites that have pop-ups. Do not post "listicles" - generally, articles starting with a number like "5 great reasons to" or lists like "top 5 best plugins", unless and only unless if they add some new, previously unseen value. Definition of a listicle. Please be respectful.

Have Fun!

ManageWP.org is designed to be a place of thoughtful discussion, education, insight, learning, and, most of all, fun! So have a great time, and let us know what we can do to make your experience even better!


We have different categories for different types of content. Here is an explanation of what to submit where:
  • Community - Posts about WordPress community in general
  • Plugins - Posts about new and interesting WordPress plugins
  • Tutorials - "How to" type of posts explaining how to do things with/in WordPress. Do not post absolute beginner level posts.
  • Business - Posts of interest to people running a WordPress business
  • Editorials - Usually longer, opinionated posts about a hot WordPress topic
  • Security - Post only articles relevant to newly discovered security vulnerabilities. Articles about how to protect WordPress should go to Tutorials.
  • AMA - Reserved for AMAs. Please do not post here unless you are hosting an announced AMA.
  • Development - WordPress developer/hacker channel
  • Pro - Articles that are not strictly related to WordPress but have an application in the WordPress world. Caution: we are super selective about what is posted here.