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Clock Parts

Clock Parts @ Clock Parts.com

Los angeles, CA

When High Torque Movement Clock Hands are Vital High torque movement clock hands are, put simply, those that are also hefty and/or too wish for an average motor to turn adequately. Typically, (min) clock hands calling for a high torque movement are longer than 5 inches. The dimension is conventionally made from the center of the mounting hole to the suggestion. Yet high torque clock movement minute hands are readily available from distributors as long as 18 inches. This suggests that the diameter of the matching dial is over 3 feet throughout. Now that's a big wall surface clock! There are, naturally, several, lots of clocks less than 1 foot in diameter. Certainly, there are so many that many minute hands are well under 6 inches in size. Hence, the 5-inch limitation for minute hands that can be transformed using common movements is not a serious hinderance for the majority of clockmakers.

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