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4 min read pol taj
Community | ayecode.io | Feb. 24, 2020

Introducing AyeCode Connect - AyeCode Ltd

A new way to handle licenses, premium add-ons install and updates from AyeCode for the GeoDirectory plugin and its sister plugins, UsersWP and the Invoicing plugin. With this plugin, customers simply connect their site with our servers and they no longer need to download zip files, activate licenses or anything similar. It also helps providing docs and support directly from the wp dashboard.

Introducing AyeCode Connect - AyeCode Ltd

Community | ayecode.io | Feb. 24, 2020

AyeCode Connect is a small plugin available on the wp.org repository that allows you to connect your website to your user account on our sites. Connecting your account will automatically sync any license keys and allow you to install any addons right from your wp-admin area with one click.
AyeCode Connect for a better user experience
If you have a user account on any of our product websites, then you automatically have an AyeCode user account. Your login details will work on any of our websites.
With a single connection between your website and ours you can benefit from the following features;
Automatic license key syncing. Your license keys will automatically be synced and activated. Meaning you never have to worry about entering a key again.
Single click addon installs. Installing addons is now easier than ever. Once connected, you can visit the extensions page and install any addon with one click.
Live documentation search. (coming soon) Every admin screen will have a help icon explaining everything on the page and also letting you search all documentation live from your wp-admin area.
Request support from your dashboard. (coming soon) Using our help icon, you can open a support