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3 min read Matt Cromwell
Plugins | gravityview.co | Jul. 17, 2017

Inline Edit - Fast bulk entry editing in Gravity Forms & GravityView

New inline-edit plugin from Zack Katz of Gravity View for Gravity Forms looks excellent. Edit 340% faster.

Inline Edit - Fast bulk entry editing in Gravity Forms & GravityView

Plugins | gravityview.co | Jul. 17, 2017

Save tons of time: edit your entries 340% faster We know the pain of bulk data entry! If you edit entries en masse on a regular basis, you will save mind-numbing hours.
Our customers spend hours editing existing entries, one at a time. Most of the time, they want to update only one field to define a category, add custom labels, or approve a work order. Often, they repeat the process weekly or monthly for hundreds of entries.
Inline Editing is the best way to quickly make changes to Gravity Forms form entries. You don’t need to edit each entry individually. Instead, just change the entry values to what you want, and you’re done—without ever seeing a full Edit Entry form.
Inline Edit is 340% faster than other editing methods:
Updating a single dropdown field for just eight entries shows huge time savings.
Inline Edit
14.8 seconds = 1.85 seconds / entry
65.9 seconds = 8.24 seconds / entry
Gravity Forms
65.3 seconds = 8.16 seconds / entry
Think of the hours and the headaches this will save you!
We’re on YouTube!
We have some how-to videos for Inline Edit on YouTube. Check them out:
All Gravity Forms “Standard Fields” are supported
Single Line

Community | gravityview.co | Aug. 7, 2015

#wpdrama Music Video

A fun summary of the Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg conflict…in song! Created by the incomparable Jonathan Mann.

6 min read Luis Godinho
Business | gravityview.co | May. 20, 2015

GravityView has passed $100k in sales

For a premium plugin, it is quite amazing to get this in less than 1 year: the numbers and the lessons learned!

GravityView has passed $100k in sales

Business | gravityview.co | May. 20, 2015

GravityView went on sale July 24, 298 days ago. Yesterday, GravityView passed $100,000 in sales. I’d like to go over a few numbers and take a look back over the past 10 months and share some of what I’ve learned. Here’s the $100,000 number broken down:
$100,850 in sales
1,172 sales
66 refunds
32 affiliate referral sales (with $1,150 in payouts)
The plugin’s been doing well: April was the second-best month yet after the launch month, and May is on track to be our best month ever.
Plugin support
We moved support desks in January, so the stats may be a bit inaccurate, but here they are:
1,323 resolved support requests
3,780 responses
98% happiness rating (from 105 rated replies)
Average first response time: 16 minutes 47 seconds
Average support resolution time: 11h 13m
Average support requests per day: 6
Busiest day: Tuesday (it is Floaty’s favorite day, after all!)
Busiest time: 12-3pm Mountain
We’re working on improving our documentation and adding video tutorials. I hope this will help streamline our support process.
Code & Updates
We’ve been feverishly working on improving the plugin. Over the life of the project, we’ve released:
32 plugin updates
1,819 code commits from 6 contributors

Plugins | gravityview.co | Jun. 16, 2016

Gravity View: New Version And Features

If you use Gravity Forms, then checking out latest Gravity View is worth the look. Front-end entry notes, improved search, and more.