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Community | ifamily.co.uk | Jan. 22, 2016

Building a WordPress Community in Bournemouth

Some thoughts, lessons learned, and advice on starting a WordPress Meetup group. How and why Rich Senior started WP Bournemouth and how you can start your own

16 min read Mark Root-Wiley
Community | ifamily.co.uk | Mar. 31, 2015

Team Accessibility at WordCamp London Contributor Day

"I had largely forgotten about website accessibility, for many years I thought accessibility was sorted. About ten years ago, I remember a web accessibility ‘expert’ at a conference telling us all that the war on accessibility had been won... Super, that’s one less thing to worry about. But I was wrong."

Team Accessibility at WordCamp London Contributor Day

Community | ifamily.co.uk | Mar. 31, 2015

It was my inaugural WordPress contributor day, but it won’t be my last. I wrote about my excitement and planned goals before attending WordCamp London 2015. I have also shared how my first London WordCamp has already changed iFamily’s work week and how we are committed to Happy Mondays instead of the more typical blue start to the working week. Our working week will now get off to a good start by embracing Five for the Future. What I haven’t shared yet is just how inspiring and worthwhile it is to take part in a WordPress Contributor Day.
I wasn’t confident. I wasn’t really sure how I could contribute and even had nightmares that my contribution could actually derail or even wipeout the whole WordPress open source movement. I needn’t have worried.
WordCamp London 2015 Contributor Day
All contributors were ushered into a large room at the superb London Metropolitan University. We all sat randomly and nonchalantly on tables before Jenny Wong kicked off the proceedings and explained how the day was going to pan out.
Jenny gave us an overview of the various contribution teams available to us and asked us to choose one. With the help of a team spokesperson we were giving a quick run down