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4 min read Brian Jackson
Community | impress.org | 10 days ago

Announcement: WordImpress is now Impress.org

Love the new rebranding by these guys! Stellar job. Especially the slogan: “Code for Good.”

Announcement: WordImpress is now Impress.org

Community | impress.org | 10 days ago

We are extremely excited to announce that we’re rebranding our company with a new name, new logo, and new website. As of today, we are no longer WordImpress but Impress.org:
Here’s a little insight into why we are rebranding and what this means for our future.
Impress.org now serves as our corporate identity and showcase for our growing product offerings. No products will be sold on the site directly, but we will continue publishing relevant and thought-provoking articles.
Our new identity signifies a few important concepts for us, which are summarized fairly clearly by our new slogan: “Code for Good.”
With the tremendous success of our flagship product, GiveWP, we felt compelled to arrange our entire company around the idea of bringing more good into the world through our products. This means a lot of things:
Our products must “impress” and do real good in the world.
Our company must “impress” and be a place where our employees feel they are doing good in the world.
Our customers must benefit from development and support best practices that press forward and help them succeed online.
What does this mean for our existing products?