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21 min read Kobe Ben Itamar
Business | raison.co | Aug. 31, 2017

Mistakes I made building a WordPress Startup

This one is from 4 months ago, but it has some great lessons to be learnt if you're planning to build a WordPress-based company.

Mistakes I made building a WordPress Startup

Business | raison.co | Aug. 31, 2017

I’m going to talk about lessons learnt building a WordPress product. This article expands upon my last WordCamp talk. Both my products are SaaS and both are built on WordPress.
WordPress I hope you all know about.
SaaS has different meanings for different people. For me, it describes a subscription business model for a packaged service.
So for example, my SaaS Superscribe sells subscription access to an email marketing tool.
Superscribe is my second WordPress SaaS. I’ve been making lots of mistakes since the start. This talk is going to go through 10 of the main mistakes I’ve made.
This is going to be the talk I wish I’d listened to at the start of my journey.
It’s a mix of everything from business to development to life.
My aim is that at the end of this talk anyone here with only a basic understanding of WordPress will be able to use WordPress to create a product business that has a high chance of success without burning you out.
1. Nobody cares
I’m starting with a harsh reality. This is so important to understand.
Because it’s a hard truth it’s often ignored. I’ve ignored it a lot in my time. I’ve seen many product builders

12 min read Kobe Ben Itamar
Business | raison.co | Jun. 7, 2016

Building a SaaS startup with WordPress

A great post about the process & thinking that Raison went/is going through while building a SaaS startup with WordPress.

Building a SaaS startup with WordPress

Business | raison.co | Jun. 7, 2016

Last week at the WordPress London Meetup I gave a talk about SaaS and WordPress. It’s a subject very dear to my heart. At the start of the year, we launched YoGrow. Our startup is gaining traction and it wouldn’t have happened without WordPress. The story isn’t that simple. There have been ups and downs. There have been some big learnings.
In the talk, I had two big takeaways I wanted to share.
How a SaaS mentality to building product will change the way you approach all your business.
Why WordPress is the ideal platform to build a SaaS product with.
So there are my two big statements. The first is a little broad, so bear with me!
First – The Slides from WordPress London
Here are the slides from the talk. At WordPress London, we also had Slide Karaoke – something I’d never seen before. Any audience member can jump up and do a presentation based on some random slides. We had some slides from WordCamp London and it was a blast.
I look forward to seeing someone doing Slide Karaoke with my slides one day!
Why build a product?
But before I get into what SaaS is and why it fits well with WordPress, let’s talk about why to build a product.
For the