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Why we switched from HHVM to PHP 7 for our Wordpress website

The choice between PHP 7 and HHVM came down to stability

Why we switched from HHVM to PHP 7 for our Wordpress website

HHVM brought with it a lot of promises. A compiler that turned your PHP code into byte code so that machines could understand it faster, was really enticing. It would be unfair to say that HHVm didn’t deliver on its promises. It definitely was faster than PHP – FPM 5.6 by quite a long shot. But eventually, it came down to one fact.
Facebook is definitely one of the largest sites in the world. When they released the technology that they themselves use, to scale to millions and billions of users as open source software, a lot of people were excited. If software was good enough for Facebook, surely it was good enough for every other website on the internet using PHP. Indeed, even Etsy moved to HHVM recently, or so I heard. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from beig an entrepreneur, it’s taht no solution works for two people alike.
HHVM crashes, and that’s teh simple truth of the matter. MOst websites that recommend shifting to HHVM, also mention that you should have a fall over script and move to PHP FPM when HHVM crashes. In the meantime, you can reboot HHVM and the site will come back normal. In theory, this sounds great. There’s a problem we noticed with our 4 GB Linode though.